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Features of the Bambi bag

  • Natural Materials: The BAMBI Bag is hand crocheted in natural raffia

  • Double Leather Handles: The vegetable leather handles add a touch of refinement and offer optimal comfort for carrying in the hand or on the shoulder.

  • Zipper: The zipper ensures the safety of your belongings, ideal for everyday use.

  • Fabric Lining: The interior of the bag is lined with cotton fabric guaranteeing the protection of your valuables.

Why choose the Bambi Bag?

The BAMBI Bag by Micalee is a statement of casual elegance, a perfect piece to complete your bag collection.

Handcrafted with exceptional craftsmanship, it reflects our commitment to authenticity and ethics.

Ideal companion for your urban adventures or casual getaways. Its timeless design adapts to all occasions

Be at the forefront of fashion while supporting fair trade. Adopt Micalee’s “BAMBI Raffia Bag” and assert your style with ethics

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