Madagascar's beating heart

Madagascar raffia, an exceptional natural fiber, is the beating heart of Micalee creations. Cultivated in the island's unspoilt regions, this plant treasure is distinguished by its unrivalled quality. At Micalee, we celebrate this natural wealth by transforming raffia into handcrafted pieces that are both traditional and contemporary. Madagascar, a haven of biodiversity, is home to a multitude of endemic plant and animal species, a wealth that contributes to the inestimable value of our world heritage.

Protecting with Love and Commitment

However, the survival of raffia is under threat. Growing in wetlands suitable for rice cultivation, raffia competes with this crop, which is essential to Madagascar's economy. At Micalee, we are committed to preserving this delicate balance. By developing the raffia industry, we create economic opportunities for local communities while safeguarding this natural resource. Our initiatives contribute not only to preventing the extinction of raffia, but also to revitalizing the surrounding ecosystem.

An Embrace of Nature

Raffia, beyond its ecological aspect, is a true sensory experience. At Micalee, we capture the essence of this nature in every creation. The unique texture and fragrance of raffia evoke a return to a natural, pure and invigorating state. Our creations are not mere accessories, but pieces of nature, carrying with them the wild and free soul of Madagascar. When you choose Micalee, you're treating yourself to a piece of nature, an exotic luxury that accompanies you around the world.