The Hook


Tradition Reinvented

At Micalee, we're redefining crochet, an ancestral art whose roots go deep into history. Originating in the Middle Ages, crochet has crossed eras and cultures, arriving in Madagascar with the waves of history and blending intimately with the island's cultural identity. Our vision is to honor this heritage by fusing it with modern, innovative concepts.

The Essence of Craftsmanship

For us, crochet is much more than a technique: it's an expression of creativity and history. Our artisans use traditional hooks and raffia to weave pieces that tell stories, each stitch reflecting their dedication and passion. By perpetuating this traditional method, Micalee is committed to preserving and enhancing this cultural heritage.

Expression Unlimited

Crocheting at Micalee is a journey of self-expression. Requiring both technique and imagination, it enables our artisans to create unique works that reflect their individuality and expertise. We explore and adapt various techniques to bring to life creations that combine tradition and modernity.