At Micalee, the selected bags and hats are made in an eco-friendly way and made with hand-woven natural fibers.


The structures of the products are made of raffia, penjy, or rush. The main fiber, raffia, comes from the giant leaves of a species of palm which grows mainly on the island of Madagascar. These fibers are worked by hand, using several ancestral techniques.


The handles and reinforcements are made of vegetable leather. It is zebu leather. It is called “vegetable leather” because of the tanning process. In order to limit pollution in particular, craftsmen use wood (mimosa shavings).

All products are responsibly produced and we work closely with farms to create ethical and unique products.

We help keep local traditions alive, providing those who create our products with a stable income.
Imbued with beautiful energy, filled with happiness, each of our collections offers vibrant colors and provides new sensations of lightness.

Guarantor of quality, Micalee wants to be close to you and if you share our values, your satisfaction is our primary objective!
“Coloring your Life” is our motto.

With love,

Micalee's team