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Characteristics of the Kaly Bag

  • Authentic Craftsmanship: Each “KALY” bag is a unique piece handmade with artisanal precision that highlights authenticity.

  • Practical Elegance: The bag is both elegant and practical

  • Included: An interior pocket and a matching pouch to keep your essentials close at hand.

  • Vegetable Leather Handles: The vegetable leather handles add a touch of elegance to the whole.

  • Generous Dimensions: H 34 cm x L 48 cm x Bottom 47 cm x Bellows 12 cm

Why choose the Kaly Bag?

The "KALY" bag is much more than just a bag, it is a statement of authenticity and practical style.

Unique, wear it with pride during your getaways or your days in the city, and let its elegance accompany you wherever you go.

Embody authentic craftsmanship with meticulous crocheting made from natural raffia fibers.

Every detail of this bag is a statement of practical elegance

It's the perfect accessory for a getaway or a day in the city.

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