Vegetable leather


The Legacy of Vegetable Leather

Our choice of vegetable tanning is a tribute to ancient wisdom, a slow and respectful process that uses the natural tannins of plants. This method, imbued with patience and care, creates a leather that is not just a material, but a living part of our heritage. It tells a story of respect for the earth and its gifts, a tale of authenticity and integrity.

The Symphony of Nature and Craftsmanship

At Micalee, vegetable leather is the result of a magical collaboration between nature and human craftsmanship. Each piece of leather bears the subtle imprint of its natural origin and the meticulous attention of our craftsmen, resulting in a robust, breathable and elegant leather that develops a graceful patina over time. Micalee's vegetal leather is a symbol of sustainability, a promise of quality and respect for our planet.

The Evolving Beauty of Leather

Vegetable leather at Micalee is a living canvas, evolving and embellishing with time and use. Each mark and fold tells a unique story, an ode to life's imperfect yet authentic beauty. As it dyes and ages, our leather develops a rich patina, a unique character that reflects the wearer's story. Each Micalee's leather creation is a fragment of emotion, a tactile connection between craftsman, wearer and nature.