Natural, ethical and unique style at Micalee: hand-woven bags and hats

At Micalee, each raffia fiber, preciously extracted from the majestic palm trees of Madagascar, is imbued with a story. It is with a deep respect for nature and an unwavering passion for authenticity that we bring our unique creations to life.

Our artisans, heirs of centuries-old know-how , weave each bag and hat with exceptional attention and care . Their hands, guided by tradition and love of the profession, preserve a rich cultural heritage , while offering a sustainable and equitable source of income .

Each piece we offer you is a journey: an explosion of vibrant colors , a breath of freshness, and an embrace of tangible happiness . These collections are not just accessories, they are the reflection of a soul, a passion, a captivating energy .

Your satisfaction, for us, is more than an objective; It is a promise . At Micalee, we cultivate excellence and listening , and we are proud to share with you values ​​of authenticity and respect . Together, let's celebrate the art of craftsmanship !